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Based in Surprise, Arizona, and servicing nearby communities.


Specializing in landscape design & installation, water features, flagstone &
brick pavers, tiles, retaining walls, patios, walkways, garage storage solutions, exterior & interior painting of houses and fences, 
garage & room lighting  and other electrical work, etc.


Interior tiling, floor and wall medallions, stone kitchen backsplashes,
ceiling fan wiring & installation (up to 25ft high), etc.

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Doug Holmes
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Recent project examples:

I think this type of paver is the most luxurious look one can have:

This plain apartment-style back yard has been transformed into a very pleasant place to sit back and listen to the amazing sound of running, trickling water in a custom waterfall.

A mediocre carpeted upstairs was transformed into an exquisite showcase of artistic tiling that would grace the most beautiful home anywhere:

This master bathroom had an ugly Formica floor and was greatly upgraded by using the elegance of marble with simple accents of color:

The following 3 images show a kitchen with the original cabinets, adding granite tiled counters with a custom backsplash and under-cabinet lights. Look how nice a new kitchen sink and fixtures match the tiles:

This next backsplash example was done on a new house that came with granite slab counters and maple cabinets which is quite often what you get from new home builders these days. So adding a backsplash and the under-cabinet lights like this would really add to the custom look and give more value to any home.

Right now, ceiling fans are a very popular request with the hot weather:

Chandeliers are one way to add elegance and functionality to the room. They require assembly and installation and so are often requested:

During a project to remodel an entire kitchen, it was almost completely gutted and a custom pantry was designed for the corner where were formerly the cabinets of a normal square kitchen:

An entire kitchen was tiled, including backsplash, counters and floor:

On a custom designed walk-in pantry the tiling process was coming to a close:

... and here are the results of all this tiling work in the kitchen, foyer, living room, steps, etc:

This walk-in pantry adds a great deal of storage to the kitchen 
and makes excellent use of the space if located in the corner. 
In most cases, the cabinets would also have to be modified and it might be a good time to upgrade them: 

Not all houses have such a nicely designed stairway, but most foyers 
will benefit from a very nice medallion in the door entry:

This elevated niche in the foyer adds an elegant look:

Medallions can be created in many shapes:   


This travertine and granite backsplash is one of the latest trends to add a great look to any kitchen:

This bar counter made of granite tiles is an elegant and practical way to add more space to accommodate larger gatherings. It can be created between rooms by knocking out a wall or converting a half wall or rail 
(see the original rail below):

Original rail that was replaced by the above granite counter:

A clever hanging storage unit was added to this 2-car garage, along with additional utility lighting:

Garage and interior shelving can help organize any space. This garage below required massive storage capabilities and so aside from stock shelving, a custom rack was designed to hold a car carrier and ladder, which also has space for other longer items like skis and long pipes.






These shelves are so strong you can have almost 
one ton on them total, or about 450lbs each.





Upgrading dull and drab lights on the garage can have a great look:  

This front yard stream is the nicest in the entire neighborhood and continues to wow passers by:

The stream flows under this custom redwood bridge into a pond:

The bridge becomes a major focal point in the landscape:

Adding dashes of color is important:

The pleasure derived from a beautiful landscape should not be underestimated:

A flagstone paver walkway sure makes taking out the trash a lot easier. This example was made by first constructing a low retaining wall, then setting flagstones atop a sand and gravel substrate:


Brick pavers can be used to create all sorts of designs:

Pavers are an excellent way to create a walkway along the side of the house:

How about a custom playhouse? 
Depending on the location, it might not be possible to have one elevated this high, but one could be built up to any height that most any child would love to play inside.

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